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Unleash Your Productivity with FreErgo's Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Frame

Discover the ultimate workspace solution with FreeErgo's electric height-adjustable desk frame. Our electric standing desks feature electric height-adjustable desk frames. This frame allows the powered standing desk to easily transition between positions, promoting better posture, increased circulation and increased productivity.

Quality and Control at Its Best with FreErgo

At Ningbo Qiangsheng Electric Motor Co.,Ltd, we take pride in producing 95% of our products ourselves, ensuring optimal quality control and cost management. Our commitment to excellence extends to our materials selection, offering a variety of options for you to choose from, except for wooden boards. With over 20 years of experience in motor manufacturing, we have honed our skills in quality control, resulting in stable and reliable products.

Customization and Professional Support at Your Fingertips

FreErgo's Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Frame is not only stable and lightweight but also customizable to meet your unique needs. Guided by a professional technical team, we offer tailored solutions to ensure that your workspace aligns with your specific requirements. Trust us to provide you with a product that exceeds your expectations.

Warranty and After-Sales Service You Can Count On

FreErgo offers a comprehensive warranty package, including a 5-year overall product warranty and a 2-year electronic control warranty service. In addition, we provide free replacement parts after sales, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy our product without any hassle.

Fast Delivery and Low Minimum Order Quantity

At FreErgo, we prioritize your time and convenience. Our delivery speed is exceptionally fast, allowing you to start enjoying your new electric height-adjustable desk frame as soon as possible. Moreover, we understand that every business has different needs, which is why we offer a low minimum order quantity of just 50 sets. Start small or go big – the choice is yours.

Choose FreErgo's Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Frame

Don't settle for ordinary when you can elevate your work environment with FreErgo's Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Frame. Embrace the benefits of an electric standing desk, rely on our expertise in motor manufacturing, trust our customization capabilities, and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty and fast delivery. Choose FreErgo – where quality meets innovation.

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Electric Standing Desk Customized to Your Projects

Looking for something more specific? Don't worry, we're flexible.

Tell us what you need and let's make it happen. As experts in the ergonomic products industry, we know our way around any type and design. So all that's left is for you to share your vision and we'l take care of the execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some common questions about creating OEM projetcs. However, every order is different, so feel free to ask us about anything else you may need.

  • Where is FreErgo located?

    FreErgo is one brand based on manufacturer located in Ningbo city close to Shanghai, specialized in producing AC Motors for 20 years & Electric Driven Ergonomic Products for 5 years.

  • Are your products certified?

    FreErgo possesses the ISO 9001, CE, FCC and RoHS certifications, as well as UL approved.

  • Are tests conducted on FreErgo products?

    100%. For instance, a final product is put through more than 80 Incoming Material Inspection, in-process inspections during assembly and final product test, as well as a comprehensive test of static performance, a comprehensive test of finished product performance and a holding torque measurement.

  • How can I order for a custom electric standing desk?

    When you locate the product that interest you, kindly click on “Get A Quote” button and fill the required information to place an order or customize your motor tailored to your application.

  • Can you provide a report with the results of the test?

    If your product has a label, it has undergone thorough testing. A positive test result triggers the subsequent production procedure in lock-step (the next manufacturing step is powered down if the previous step failed.) The production of labels is the very last stage in the procedure.

  • How long will it day for my package to get to me?

    If need ODM, it usually takes about the 2-4 weeks depends on the quantity and Model. Every product goes through more than 80 IQC and in-process quality checks, and when assembly is complete, it is put through a holding torque measurement and is given a comprehensive functioning test. As a result, it takes our external items an extra day to reach our customers.

Office Ergonomic Solution Specialists at FreErgo

At FreErgo, we take pride in offering you value and revenue. Because we’ve been in the industry for a long time. As a professional custom electric standing desk manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we understand that a good ergonomic product plan can impact your business’s success aesthetically and financially.

What’s better than great ergonomic ideas that don’t just attract customers? One that gives you savings on utility bills, of course. That’s what our electric standing desk systems are specifically designed to do: elevate customer experience to keep them coming back, boosts retail sales while consuming less energy. But that’s not all. We’re experts who take pride in what we do, so we make it a point to constantly have our finger on every step of production, from design to distribution.

Our ergonomic product fixtures adhere to strict quality standards and are made only from high-quality materials. So, you know you are equipped with no less than the best to illuminate your retail space.

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