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Ningbo Qiangsheng Electric Motor Co., Ltd. is one inspirational motor and furniture manufacturer catering to the commercial sectors since 2001, which is located in Ningbo close to Shanghai. It is one high-tech enterprise with professional production of RO pump, brushless DC motors & electric smart desk, and it passed ISO9001 quality management system certification...

Perfect R&D with Strict QC System

The company has a set of perfect research and development system, design verifi-cation, experimental testing equipment and strict quality control management system. In the material feeding, production, finished products, shipment and other every link to achieve strict control of product quality.


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Enhancing Product Structure and Packaging Optimization: A Case Study of Amazon

In this case study, we delve into how Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, goes beyond personalization to optimize product structures and packaging. By prioritizing product integrity, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Amazon has set industry standards in delivering optimized products and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

Transforming Workspaces with Personalized Solutions: A Case Study

In this case study, we highlight our collaboration with a forward-thinking organization seeking to create personalized office spaces that promote productivity and reflect their brand culture. By leveraging our design capabilities, ergonomic expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we successfully provided tailored solutions that transformed their work environment and elevated employee well-being.

Customization Collaboration with an International Furniture Retailer: A Case Study

This case study showcases our successful partnership with an international furniture retailer seeking comprehensive customization services to meet their diverse customer demands. By leveraging our manufacturing capabilities, design expertise, and commitment to quality, we provided tailored solutions that exceeded their expectations and enabled them to offer unique products in a competitive market.

Personalized Solutions for a Creative Studio: A Case Study

In this case study, we delve into our collaboration with a creative studio seeking a customized solution that reflects their brand identity and meets their innovative requirements. By understanding their needs and leveraging our expertise, we successfully provided them with a personalized design that showcased their unique style and boosted their creative productivity.

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Since 2001, we’ve been helping users invest in a better space in Euporean, USA, Australia, Japan etc.

Change Behaviour

Change Behaviour

Change Your Life.

At FreErgo, we understand that individual or corporate invest in ergonomics products because they know that happy, healthy workers are more productive. Smart Vista products are design specially to cater for more comfortable work experience and environment.

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The new purchased delivery of ergonomic office equipments can be stessful and time-consuming. lmporting for such standing desk or products can be confusing when one is not familiar with the transaction process. Here are few simple steps on how to order our machines

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